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Do you use Cisco firewalls? EXTRABACON is a new exploit.


Recently a hacker group hacked successfully into newer Cisco firewalls. Does your company use Cisco firewalls? EXTRABACON is a new exploit and has caused data leaks.

ExtraBacon is an exploit aimed at newer versions of CISCO ASA appliance. Now that this exploit is public, this opens the door to capable hackers to use ExtraBacon exploit in attacks or sell their hacker services to interested parties as part of the ever growing cyber crime industry.

Cisco ASA firewalls are extremely popular and widely deployed by large organizations and government agencies so it carries a very large target pool and there is no lack of potential targets worldwide.

Does your company use Cisco firewalls? EXTRABACON is a new exploit and what does it mean?

  • The Cisco ASA device must have SNMP enabled
  • The cyber criminals must have the ability to reach the device
  • The will use UDP SNMP to communicate with it
  • The hacker must have telnet or SSH access to the devices

Cisco still has to come up with a definite solution for Cisco ASA firewall lineup and the EXTRABACON issue, however, they have offered some workarounds and signatures aimed at allowing the detection of active exploitation of the zero-day flaw.

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