Is your company ready for your IT Audit?

Is your company ready for your IT Audit

Security is the top concern in all industries and IT audits are becoming common. Find out how to get your company ready for your IT Audit and how to pass it.

Many organizations are now performing IT audits on suppliers to ensure their data is safe on your infrastructure. The purpose of the IT audit is to identify and address cyber-security risks within your network. They also look at verifying that your organization is compliant and follows industry best practices policies.

So what will and IT audit look at?

Simple answer, everything.  They will look at your servers, workstations, security, databases, email systems and any other software within your network as well as your physical security. The IT audit is looking to ensure you are protected and meet IT compliance standards.

In getting your company ready for your IT Audit, you need to have all information ready. You need to your security permission structure including who has administrative access to the network and how long will they have access to your IT infrastructure systems?  You also need to have a full understanding of work flows and how it is managed internally.

They will look to evaluate your systems and processes in place to secure company data. They will also determine possible risks including assets, hardware and software. If any risks or concerns do come up, they may help identify methods to minimize those risks or ask that your turn to a trusted IT professional to resolve the issues.

The goal of the audit is to give them a full line-of-sight into your technology and to protect their data. Some contracts may indicate that they can suspend or terminate any contracts in place also.

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