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Is Cloud Services Right for your Business?

Is Cloud Service Right for your Small to Medium Business

Cloud services is becoming increasingly popular for businesses with a jump of 70% according to IDC in the next 12 months. Is cloud services right for your business? Here are some important factors to consider.

  1. Internet Connection – before your commit to cloud services, you need to evaluate your Internet connection including reliability, any monthly data caps, upload and download speeds. Remember, not all internet providers are the same and your area plays a part also. These are important factors to consider before making the switch to cloud services.
  2. Regulatory Requirements – Does your company work in an industry with regulations and compliance when it comes to IT technology? It is important to understand that some types of data must be stored in a specific manner in order to comply with industry standards. You need to ensure you can meet these regulations prior to committing to cloud services.
  3. Type of Data – There are many types of data when considering cloud services and they should all be considered separately. Operational data is stored on servers and accessible daily with little to no delay. Emails maybe be hosted on a server or already in the cloud with Microsoft 365. Backup data should be stored on premises and in the cloud. You need to evaluate the amount of data, accessibility and security prior to moving to cloud services.
  4. Monthly Costs – Cloud service provider continue to fight for new users. Prices continue to drop as the cloud services becomes more relevant and cost effective. Despite the low cost and potential savings, you need to consider your monthly budget as well as long term management. There are many different cost structures and features to consider when using cloud services so you need to ensure you are evaluating all options in order to maximize your ROI.
  5. Disaster Recovery – No matter where you store your data, you need a disaster recovery plan. If your building caught on fire or there was a natural disaster, would your data be safe and how long would it take to get you back up and running? Cloud services will fit into any disaster recovery plan but it is important to conduct a full review of your disaster recovery plan and adapt it to your most current needs. By doing this, you will identify potential threats and avoid crippling events that could affect your organization.

Not all clouds services are created equal and not all of them will suite your business needs. When considering possible cloud service providers, be sure to factor in all criteria like performance levels, cost and reliability as this will be a long-term business partnership in order to maximize your investment.

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