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Cloud Computing Benefits for Business


Cloud computing is everywhere including your competitors however many businesses fail to understand how cloud computing benefits employee productivity and business profitability.

Many businesses from many different industries including manufacturing, construction, and not-for-profit organizations are using cloud computing to improve productivity and profitability.

Cloud computing is simple.  It utilizes many different IT services and moves it to an offsite hosted resource like an ISO certified data centre.  This makes your infrastructure more robust, burstable, and mobile as well as create a corporate disaster recovery plan.

Here are ways that cloud computing benefits businesses:

Cloud Hosted Email

Cloud hosted email is one of the first ways businesses move to the cloud.  There are many great services such as Microsoft 365 and Gmail to mention a few providers.  Many companies have internal corporate email servers or are using hosted email with a provider however it is not the same as Microsoft 365 or Gmail.

Cloud email reduces many IT infrastructure issues such as downtime, protection from power outages, internet downtime and redundancy.  From an IT support services prospective, it simplifies IT infrastructures and reduces the number of servers a company requires.

Cloud Hosted Software

There are many different software suites businesses use including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems however in the past, these were hosted internally and required large enterprise servers.

The cloud has changed everything these days.  The majority of software companies now offer cloud hosted solutions.  If not, IT consultants can virtualize the server into the cloud and provide the same benefit.  This also a company to benefits from uptime and productivity increase plus easier access to allow users to work remotely.  Of course, if you are not hosted the system yourself in an ISO datacentre, it will be a subscription-based service.

Virtual Desktops Infrastructure

The cloud is limitless and it can do an incredible amount of incredible services including hosting your workstations, better known as Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).  Many companies are moving their user computers to be hosted in the Cloud for many different reasons.

Companies with Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) connect to their workstations using different devices such as thin client, tablet and/or computer terminal.  These devices do require access to the internet however they see a desktop as normal. Many users do not see a difference between the traditional workstation and a Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Companies do have concerns with Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) as they feel all resources are in one place however redundancy can be built-in to address many of these concerns.


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