Cisco Routers Firmware Attacks

Cisco Routers Firmware Attacks

Cyber security researchers have reported attacks from hackers that have been doing Cisco router firmware attacks in order to gain access to networks.

Cisco is a leading provider of world-class equipment in networks and it makes them attractive targets to cyber criminals. The malicious malware been nicknamed “SYNful,” and it signals a router when it starts to communicate with another router and implants the exploited. This new threat would give a hacker an excellent position in any network. According to the report, hackers are using a modified IOS image and are taking advantage of default or stolen credentials in order to gain initial access to the routers.

The cyber criminals use a modified Cisco IOS image that allows the attacker to load different functional modules. They also implant unrestricted access using a secret backdoor password. It is reported that Cisco 1841, 2811, and 3825 routers are known to be targeted.

Another serious security concern is that it exists within a modified Cisco IOS image file and continues to maintain its presence even after the router is rebooted.


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