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CIOs are going beyond the IT Department


Over the years, successful CIOs have been shifting their focus from the back office to the front office.  This is where marketing, sales and customer service are the face of the company.  This is the new CIO, the business leaders that go beyond the IT department.

The new CIO works with all levels of the organization including clients therefore making IT more relevant than ever to the overall business strategy for growth and profitability.  IBM released a worldwide study that included over 1,600 CIOs from 20 different industries.  Approximately 60% of the CIOs are focusing on projects that ultimately serve to improve the overall customer experience.  The study shows that most CIOs are spending most of their time on tactical issues while the majority would rather be spending their time on strategic initiatives within the next three to five years.


So what is the new CIO looking at?


Mobile Computing Impact

The majority of companies out there are running a good portion of their business from a smart device. There are many things to look at such as entire workflows, training processes and IT policies in order to ensure uptime and security.  This all falls on the CIO to coordinate, plan and execute with multiple departments including the IT department.


Tech Support Help Desks

Since the new CIO is focused on the big picture, there still is an IT infrastructure that needs to be maintained using a proactive approach such as Managed IT Services providers.   Using economies of scale, many CIOs are finding it much easier to outsource their Tech Support Help Desk to a third party Managed IT Services provider or IT Support Services provider.  This takes a large responsibility of the CIOs plate and puts it in the hands of a trusted IT partner.  Many CIOs are outsourcing the services however they are using local partners


These are only two areas that the new CIO is looking at in order to meet their goals.  CIOs will be the forefront of many new companies however they are going beyond running the IT department.


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