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How often should IT security audits be performed

Cyberattacks are on the rise and this trend is expected to continue raising the question, how often should IT security audits be performed?

There are several cyber threats that organizations around the world must deal with, such as ransomware, phishing, distributed denial of service, and others. Cyber Security Training and Dark Web Monitoring is one piece of the puzzle to keep your company safe from cyber criminals.

The time has come for companies to prioritize security IT security audits in the challenging cybersecurity landscape that we are facing today b y proactively working with their Managed IT Services or Managed Security Services in Toronto.

How often should IT security audits be performed to remain safe?

Cybersecurity IT security audits are of utmost importance as they are closely tied to your organizations Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR).

The purpose of a cybersecurity audit is to ensure that an organization’s preventive cybersecurity measures are effective against ongoing threats by setting up a set of criteria that can be evaluated. If you achieve CyberSecure Canada certifications like 365 iT SOLUTIONS will have to address 13 controls.

The risks and threats associated with cyber security are becoming more sophisticated and prevalent, so organizations need to regularly plan and conduct cybersecurity IT security audits to protect themselves. As a result, continuous protection from threats both external and internal will be ensured. Working Managed IT Services Mississauga providers can help.

Do companies need to perform security IT security audits on a regular basis?

It is recommended that companies perform cybersecurity IT security audits at least once a year, but there is no official schedule that companies should follow. As the IT landscape continues to change at such a rapid pace, more IT security audits may lead to better protection, as the landscape changes so rapidly. Working with Managed IT Services Toronto will help to proactively address these possible issues.

Businesses that handle sensitive information, such as personal information, should perform cybersecurity IT security audits at least twice a year, if not more frequently if necessary. In spite of this, your company may have to spend more time or money on quarterly or monthly IT security audits . There should be a balance between the amount you spend on IT security audits and the number of IT security audits you conduct during the year for them to be effective.

There are many types of IT security audits that can be performed. An organization with a large number of remote workers and Cloud Services may be able to benefit from blended IT security audits that combine in-person and remote auditing tasks.

It is important to understand that there are two types of IT security audits:

  1. Routine IT security audits.
  2. Event-based IT security audits.

It is recommended that you conduct routine IT security audits on a regular basis or semi-annually, as well as event-based IT security audits when major events occur within your IT infrastructure that require attention.It is possible that you will encounter these problems if, for example, you upgrade your project management software or add servers to your network.As a result of these “events,” you should conduct a new cybersecurity audit as soon as possible.

If you are working with a Managed IT Services in Toronto provider or Outsourced IT Support Toronto they can easily handle these changes in your iT infrastructure and provide proper documentation.

There are four main benefits of IT security audits:

It is important to understand that the purpose of a IT security audit is to identify any weaknesses in your cybersecurity so that your IT Outsourcing Services provider can fix them before cybercriminals exploit them. It is also possible to use it to stay in compliance with changing regulatory requirements in addition to assisting companies in maintaining compliance. You can reap a number of benefits from regular IT security audits if you perform them on a regular basis with your IT Outsourcing Toronto provider.

  1. There is a minimum amount of downtime

When a business owner’s systems are down for an extended period, they are at risk of losing a great deal of money. It was found that 40 percent of companies said they could spend between one and five million dollars per hour during downtime, according to a survey conducted by an industry leading technology intelligence Consulting.

In the event of a cybersecurity incident or poor IT management, downtime can occur. In order to identify weaknesses that could eventually lead to downtime for a business, IT security audits  must be conducted by the company.

  1. There is a reduction in cyberattacks

Essentially, an IT security audit is meant to identify vulnerabilities in the cybersecurity program you have in place, as mentioned above. However, you and your IT team need to find solutions to patch these weaknesses and vulnerabilities so that they can no longer exist. Therefore, you can improve your overall cybersecurity posture as well as increase the level of protection you have against cyber threats, such as malware, phishing, ransomware, and business email compromise, as a result.

  1. Establishes and maintains trust with clients

Clients and customers want to know that the companies they do business with prioritize physical security as well as cybersecurity as a priority. As a result, it gives them peace of mind knowing that their sensitive data is not at risk of being exposed, stolen, or even sold on the dark web due to a lack of security measures. Your Tech Support Services or IT Support Services will be able to address these concerns

There is no doubt that it is vital that any company that offers any kind of product or service strives to maintain a high level of client trust at all times. Through this method, brand recognition can be improved, as well as customer loyalty can be enhanced.

  1. Assists with compliance efforts daily

Security IT audits can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve their compliance efforts. A number of laws are emerging to protect the sensitive information of consumers in the form of privacy and data protection laws.

Your company may be affected by many different regulations. There can be a lot of challenges involved in keeping up with regulatory requirements. To avoid being charged with fees, IT teams can perform a security audit in order to ensure that their companies are complying with all these regulations.

Your business will be protected if you conduct regular IT security audits.

There is a rapid evolution in the cybersecurity landscape as more threats emerge and attacks become more sophisticated as time goes on.It is now possible for hackers to launch automated attacks against enterprises by leveraging advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, in order to launch automated attacks against them.To protect the assets and data of your business, you need to perform regular IT security audits in order to protect them.

The best way to protect against ongoing cybersecurity threats is to conduct IT security audits on a semi-annual basis as a preventative measure.

365 iT SOLUTIONS  is an award-winning Toronto managed IT services provider, CyberSecure Canada certified, and offer a complimentary data breach scan.

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Proactive Toronto IT Support Compared to Reactive IT Support

There has been a recent study that indicates that the average worker spends 22 minutes of their day dealing with IT problems which is why organizations need to understand proactive Toronto IT support compared to reactive IT support.

The 22 minutes daily is equivalent to more than two weeks of lost productivity for every employee over the course of a year. By not providing proactive tech support to 15 employees earning an average of $25 per hour, it will cost your business over $3,100 in productivity each month. Managed IT Services can help reduce these costs.

In today’s business environment, businesses are extremely fast-paced, and even the slightest Tech Support Services issue can result in a loss of revenue and even a data breach. It is important to note that even the smallest of errors, such as faulty printers or misconfigured networks, can result in disgruntled customers and employees.

To receive the proper proactive technical support services, your choice of IT Support Services should always be based on the needs of the company and business goals. It is a good idea to consider all the options that are available to you before you decide on an informed decision. The types of IT support that are available can be categorized into reactive support and proactive support.

Proactive Toronto IT Support Compared to Reactive IT Support 1

How Does Reactive Toronto Technical Support Services Work?

Reactive Toronto technical support services can also be referred to as break-fix. It is not a good idea to fix something that is not broken. The fact that Toronto businesses respond to IT problems only after the damage has already been done is a consequence of this type of IT support model.

If an organization’s application or server goes down, a Managed IT Services Toronto provider is usually able to diagnose and fix the problem in a timely manner.

If you are using the break fix model, it can result in long downtime for your company and higher costs for your company. As a result, considerable damage can be done during the time it takes to find and fix the problem.

Proactive Toronto IT Support Compared to Reactive IT Support 2

What Are the Advantages of Proactive Managed IT Services?

In the case of reactive IT Outsourcing Toronto services, you will only be charged for the hours that are billed, which means that the fee will vary. This variable fee may be of interest to businesses with limited financial resources, however they must accept the CONS of using such a service.

By approaching IT Outsourcing Services in a proactive manner, businesses can prevent problems from occurring in the future. Identifying potential problems and resolving them before they become more serious is the first step towards solving them. For proactive technical support service to be provided, it is necessary to automate as many processes as possible and keep track of vital technology assets so that proactive managed IT services support can be provided in a timely manner.

Your Managed IT Services in Toronto team will be able to identify hardware and software issues as soon as they arise using proactive IT support services.  They will be able to provide an in-depth overview of your company’s IT infrastructure. As a result of proactive IT support services, you will experience fewer downtimes resulting in higher employee productivity and better cyber security.

Considering the ongoing monthly managed IT services fee, Managed Security Services, Cloud Services, and proactive network monitoring that is involved, it may seem to be a costly option for businesses, however the long-term investment is worth the ROI.

It is essential that your chosen Managed IT Services Mississauga provider who monitors your network traffic are qualified to do so. This will result in a more consistent bill every month since you will be purchasing the same monthly Toronto managed IT services, which will make budgeting and preparation easier for you.

Proactive Toronto IT Support Compared to Reactive IT Support 3

What Are Benefits of Proactive Managed IT Services?

As a result, your business and employees will have round-the-clock proactive monitoring and proactive IT support services at their disposal. There can be no doubt that your systems will remain secure and safe because of this and will run more efficiently and faster because of it.

In addition to preventing many faults from occurring before your employees become aware of them, having your system monitored reduces downtime significantly.

It is important that your Outsourced IT Support Toronto and managed service provider collects, organizes, analyzes, and shares the data you need to make informed decisions for your business.

Instead of reacting to technical support problems as they arise, you should plan your tech strategy in the months ahead instead of reacting to them as they arise.

Make sure you have a sophisticated Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) in place for your company in the event of a fire, flood, or cyberattack. You need this in place no matter is you are looking at proactive Toronto IT support compared to reactive IT support.

You also want your employees as part of a proactive Cyber Security Training and Dark Web Monitoring service as they are your greatest asset to protect your company, data, employees, and reputation.

Proactive Toronto IT Support Compared to Reactive IT Support 4

What Are Options to Managed IT Services?

It is possible for your business to receive reactive technical support services as well as proactive technical support services.

If your IT department or managed IT services provider staff are proactive with regards to technical support, network management, and cybersecurity, you will be reducing the chances of downtime or a cyber security breach for your organization. As a result of this, your company or employees must no longer worry about any maintenance work at all, allowing them to focus on growing and improving the business.

Managed IT services are often more cost effective in the long run since they usually involve fewer downtimes, longer equipment lifespans, and fewer cybersecurity threats.

When budgeting for your IT needs, you can choose either of these two options.

It is always a good idea to weigh all your options before choosing a long-term Toronto managed IT services provider that will suit your needs. As most managed IT services providers combine both technical support services, you do not need to be too concerned about sticking to just one of them.

Proactive Toronto IT support compared to reactive IT support should be a conversation for all Toronto businesses and management teams.

365 iT SOLUTIONS  is a CyberSecure Canada certified and offers a complimentary data breach scan that will scan the darkweb for your organizations compromised credentials by hackers and cybercriminals.

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Have You Outgrown Your Toronto Managed IT Services Provider

Solid successful long-term business relationships are on relationship and trust but could have changed resulting in asking, have you outgrown your Toronto Managed IT services provider?

The spark of this relationship can be lost if it is not maintained properly. It may be time to change your approach to your Managed IT Services Toronto if your relationship has become sour and they are no longer delivering the IT Support Services and Cloud Services as promised.

  1. Is your Managed IT Services Mississauga provider more reactive than proactive?
  2. Are you losing technology advancements ground to your competitors due to you IT Outsourcing Toronto?
  3. Are you having trouble getting Tech Support Services help when you need it?

If your answered “Yes” to any of the three questions, it is a clear sign that you need to change your Managed IT Services provider.

Business has evolved over the years no technology is no different. Businesses are constantly seeking modern technology strategies because of the emergence of technology.  Managed IT Services in Toronto will bring proactive services and not only be available to deal with problems as they arise. For them to remain competitive, they must be able to provide IT solutions that address the constantly changing technological landscape.

The following are some examples:

  1. Using the latest technology to achieve business goals.
  2. Proactively reduce risks associated with IT and technology.
  3. Proven ability to utilize the latest technology securely.
  4. Proactively assist in adapting to the evolving hybrid work environment.

A recent study of business executives showed that over 53 percent of surveyed businesses stated that increased data management is complicating their business operations. Due to the complexity of their data and technology functions, many firms outsource them. If they don’t, their bottom line will suffer.

Successful Toronto businesses look at Toronto managed IT services providers for much more including IT Outsourcing Services, Managed Security Services, and Outsourced IT Support Toronto.

Your current IT service provider may not be meeting your business’s needs or offering such services such as proactive Cyber Security Training and Dark Web Monitoring.

Here are five signs to watch out for with you Toronto managed IT services provider.

Have You Outgrown Your Toronto Managed IT Services Provider 1


There are a lot of Toronto IT support providers who are not proactive. Issues are addressed more quickly when they are notified.

Toronto IT support service providers deliver proactive IT service by going beyond resolving IT issues. Other aspects of IT operations are their responsibility including Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR). Your IT service provider is not maximizing your resources if it is only performing one of its many functions in a reactive manner.

A reliable Toronto managed IT services provider should not just fix problems after they occur. They must be proactive to avoid future problems and they must be able to anticipate them in advance. Efficient and effective IT operation is an easy way to determine if your managed IT services provider is doing an excellent job.

Have You Outgrown Your Toronto Managed IT Services Provider 2


Keeping up with the latest technology trends in your industry is essential. Introducing modern technologies for your business activities poses a challenge for reactive Toronto IT support service providers due to a lack of resources.

Some signs of these common traits include the inability to introduce upcoming technological trends and lack of business industry knowledge.

An organization’s managed IT services provider are considered its digital experts. Having this position gives you the power to dictate when certain processes do not align with your organization’s technology and business needs. If your Toronto managed IT service provider fails to suggest innovative technological practices or procedures, your business will be reliant on antiquated IT systems.

For your business to gain a competitive advantage, your managed IT services provider needs to introduce cutting-edge technologies.

Have You Outgrown Your Toronto Managed IT Services Provider 3


Your organization’s heart beats through its employees, productivity, and results. Business activities can be negatively or positively impacted by their contributions. If a Toronto managed IT service providers fail to meet your expectations, your employees will have to face the daily challenges with technical support issues when using business technology.

Common signs include that there are network issues that are distressing the staff and there are no results not delivered on time. You will also notice that your network and systems are slow.

Technology is there to assist employees in performing their duties and producing desirable results. They will be less productive and efficient if they have other goals. You may need to change your Toronto managed IT services provider if your employees start complaining about difficulties using business technology and completing simple tasks.

Have You Outgrown Your Toronto Managed IT Services Provider 4


Cybercriminals are interested in your business and data. Managed IT service providers in Toronto who fail to adopt proactive cyber security measures are a major red flag. A company’s cyber security protocols are essential as it grows.

There is a tendency for sensitive data to be breached when cybersecurity is reactive. It puts your organization at risk of non-compliance, especially when government regulations need to be followed diligently.

Common signs include security structure is inadequate and cybersecurity checks were not performed proactively.

You are exposed to many cybersecurity problems when your managed IT services provider does not provide effective backup and disaster recovery measures. It is time for you to move on to protect your business, data, and reputation.

Have You Outgrown Your Toronto Managed IT Services Provider 5


Your organization can be limited if your managed IT service provider lacks expertise and knowledge. You will be unable to meet the market’s demands as a result. Inevitably, you will struggle to meet industry standards or keep up with your competitors. Your technical support service provider needs to be more reliable and proactive.

Common symptoms that you are not competing for include implementing solutions that take a long time as well as slow growth in business.

365 iT SOLUTIONS  is an award-winning managed IT services provider in Toronto that is CyberSecure Canada certified.

We offer qualified Toronto businesses our complimentary data breach scan against compromised credentials by cybercriminals and hackers.

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What can protect you from hackers

You will hear a bunch of stuff like do not access sensitive data via public Wi-Fi or use a strong password but what can protect you from hackers?

What can protect you from hackers 1

  1. All users need to use strong and unique passwords

Passwords should contain letters, numbers, and symbols. Whenever possible, avoid using information that can be easily guessed, like your name or birth date. Managed IT Services Mississauga will instruct the clients to do the same.

Why are strong passwords important?

  • Protecting sensitive information: Passwords can be used to protect sensitive data, including financial information, personal information, and business secrets.
  • Preventing unauthorized access: Strong passwords make it harder for unauthorized individuals to guess or crack the passwords, preventing unauthorized access.
  • Protecting from brute-force attacks: Brute-force attacks are automated attempts to guess a password by trying many different combinations. Strong passwords, with a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols, are more resistant to brute-force attacks.
  • Keeping accounts secure: An attacker using an account can steal information, send spam, or do other malicious things with it. A strong password makes it more difficult for an attacker to take over an account.
  • Complying with regulations: There are regulations requiring strong passwords in some industries, such as finance and healthcare.

What can protect you from hackers 2

  1. Keep all software updated

The latest software updates often contain security fixes to address known vulnerabilities. Maintaining up-to-date software and devices is something you should always do. IT Outsourcing Services will ensure this is all handled proactively. This is key if asking what can protect you from hackers?

Why is it important to keep software updated?

  • Security: Software updates often include security patches that fix known vulnerabilities. You can help protect your devices and data by keeping your software up to date.
  • Functionality: Updates can also improve the performance and functionality of software. As a result, the overall functionality of the software can be enhanced, the user experience can be improved, and efficiency can be increased.
  • Compatibility: By updating your software, you can also ensure compatibility with other software and systems. By doing this, you can avoid compatibility issues and errors that can cause problems and slow down your devices.
  • Compliance: To ensure security standards and protection of sensitive information, regulations are in place for certain industries, such as healthcare and finance.

What can protect you from hackers 3

  1. Use caution opening email attachments or clicking links

Hackers often spread malware through malicious emails. Trusted sources should not send you attachments or links. Your Tech Support Services, IT Support Services, or IT department should have cyber security measures in place to protect you and your company. Another important part if asking what can protect you from hackers?

Why are email attachments or clicking links dangerous?

  • Malware: Malicious attachments can contain viruses, Trojan horses, or other types of malwares that can infect your computer or steal sensitive data. This is important when asking what can protect you from hackers?
  • Phishing attacks: Phishing attacks are emails that are designed to trick you into revealing sensitive information, such as passwords or financial information. The attacker may include a link in the email that takes you to a fake website that looks like a legitimate site but is controlled by the attacker.
  • Ransomware: Ransomware is a malware that encrypts your files and demands payment in exchange for the decryption key. Infecting your computer with ransomware can be spread through email attachments or links.
  • Spread of malicious software: Malware can be spread via email attachments or links. It can damage not only your own computer but also the computers of others on your network.

What can protect you from hackers 4

  1. Use a managed next generation business-class firewall

Blocking unauthorized access to your computer or network is possible with a firewall. Most of there are proactively supported by Managed IT Services provider or Outsourced IT Support Toronto providers.

What are managed next generation business-class firewalls?

Firewalls with next-generation features (NGFWs) provide enhanced security compared to traditional firewalls.

  • Advanced threat protection: To detect and prevent cyber threats, NGFWs use advanced threat protection technologies, such as intrusion prevention systems (IPSs) and anti-virus/anti-malware protection.
  • Deep packet Inspection: Deep packet inspection allows NGFWs to identify and block malicious traffic before it enters the network by analyzing network traffic at the application layer.
  • Application control: Network-based firewalls allow administrators to limit access to certain websites and applications, preventing employees from accessing potentially harmful content.
  • User Identity Awareness: NGFWs can integrate with directory services, such as Active Directory, to identify and enforce policies based on users’ roles and locations.
  • Improved performance: Next-generation firewalls provide high-performance network security with low latency.
  • Comprehensive reporting: Network security appliances provide comprehensive reporting, analysis, and alert functionality that help you understand your network’s behavior and identify potential threats.

What can protect you from hackers 5

  1. Use managed next generation antivirus software with artificial intelligence

By scanning and removing harmful software, antivirus software protects your computer from malware. This would be proactive to ensure you do not have to use your Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR).

What is managed next generation antivirus software with artificial intelligence?

Next-generation antivirus (NGAV) is a type of antivirus software that provides advanced protection against cyber threats. Unlike traditional antivirus software, NGAV uses advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, to detect and prevent cyber threats in real-time.

  • Advanced threat detection: NGAV uses advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to detect and prevent a wider range of cyber threats, such as zero-day threats, malware, and advanced persistent threats.
  • Real-time protection: New Generation Anti-Virus provides real-time protection against cyber threats, detecting and blocking threats immediately.
  • Behavioral analysis: NGAV analyzes software and applications’ behavior to detect and prevent malicious activity, even if signature-based antivirus software does not recognize the threat.
  • Cloud-based protection: NGAV uses cloud-based threat intelligence and data sharing to provide enhanced cyber threat protection, including regional or industry-specific threats.
  • Integration with other security tools: The NGAV can be integrated with firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and other security tools to provide a comprehensive security solution.

What can protect you from hackers 6

  1. Use caution with public Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi networks in public places are often less secure than those in private places. When using public Wi-Fi, avoid conducting sensitive activities, such as online banking. Any Managed IT Services in Toronto provider will make their clients aware of this risk.

Why is public wifi dangerous and you should proceed with caution?

In addition to being convenient and free, public Wi-Fi can also be dangerous for several reasons:

Lack of encryption: Many public Wi-Fi networks are not encrypted, so data transmitted over them can be intercepted by hackers or eavesdroppers. Passwords, financial information, and personal information are included in this category.

Fake Wi-Fi networks: Hackers can set up fake Wi-Fi networks that mimic legitimate networks, tricking users into connecting. A hacker can steal sensitive information or infect a device with malware once connected.

Man-in-the-middle attacks: A man-in-the-middle attack is when a hacker intercepts and manipulates communication between two parties. The result is that sensitive information can be stolen, or malware can be spread. The lack of encryption and authentication makes public Wi-Fi networks particularly vulnerable to MitM attacks.

Malicious websites: You can download malware-infected software through public Wi-Fi networks, putting your device and sensitive information at risk.

Under the CyberSecure Canada program, 365 iT SOLUTIONS is federally certified and award winning Managed IT Services Toronto.

Check if your credentials have been compromised with our complimentary data breach scan.

What can protect you from hackers?

As a leading Toronto IT consulting firm, 365 iT SOLUTIONS provides a wide range of services, including managed IT services, tech support services, Cloud Services, Managed Security Services, support services, IT Outsourcing Toronto, business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR), and Cyber Security Training and Dark Web Monitoring.

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Looking to Hire a Managed IT Services Provider in Toronto

In recent years, a managed IT services provider in Toronto has gained increasing importance to business by proactively managing the network and cyber security.

The health and well-being of an organization are directly affected by its technological systems. To solve existing problems, a Toronto managed IT service provider can present the right technology options. Furthermore, they offer cybersecurity and compliance solutions, as well as employee training programs. Organizations can achieve growth, cyber security using Managed Security Services, and development with the help of Toronto Managed IT Services providers.

Businesses hire Toronto managed IT services providers for a variety of reasons. This may be due to the desire for an unbiased opinion or a lack of internal IT resources.

The crucial question is “How do we identify the right managed IT services firm in Toronto?”

Choosing a Managed IT Services in Toronto requires some consideration. A reliable long term IT partner should have the following characteristics.

  • Proven managed IT services experience.
  • Successfully completed several IT consulting projects.
  • Demonstrates effective teamwork skills with your employees.
  • Willing to collaborate to understand your business goals.
  • Ability to offer a reasonable price and not the cheapest price.
  • Ability to think outside the box with creative ideas and knowledge.

What to Look for When Hiring a Managed IT Services Provider in Toronto 1

Toronto Managed IT Services Experience

An extremely crucial consideration when hiring a managed IT services provider in Toronto, Toronto is its experience. Each project presents unique challenges and complexities, which is why managed IT services providers in Toronto need to have proven experience handling them. Clients should be able to receive advice, IT solutions, and IT Support Services tailored to their individual needs and business goals, not generic solutions.

It is possible that the Toronto managed IT services provider in Toronto has experience in other industries, however each industry differs significantly. You will want to check to ensure if the managed IT services provider you want to hire has experience in your industry. As a result, the IT Outsourcing Services will be able to analyze your particular business needs and offer IT solutions accordingly.

What to Look for When Hiring a Managed IT Services Provider in Toronto 2

Toronto Managed IT Services Expertise

When hiring an IT Outsourcing Toronto consulting firm, make sure they understand your industry’s demands and business goals. An Toronto IT consulting firm should have the necessary experience and expertise to provide you with the right technology advice and industry leading IT solutions. The company should have a solid track record of successful projects in the same or similar industry. In addition, it should have a team of experts who know the latest trends and technologies.

You can learn a lot about an organization from how it presents its pitch. It is uncommon for Managed IT Services in Toronto to present senior-level employees only during presentations and then refer less-experienced consultants to do the actual work. Offering a specific service like Managed IT Services Mississauga will offer appropriate certifications that guarantee exemplary standards.

To gain perspective from case studies of previous clients, review the firm’s website for information regarding certifications held. It is imperative to ensure that the IT consulting firm has the qualifications and experience to complete the work on time and to the highest standard. You can learn more about the firm and its capabilities by checking their certifications and reading case studies of past clients.

What to Look for When Hiring a Managed IT Services Provider in Toronto 3

Toronto Managed IT Services Communication Skills

It is imperative for an IT consultant to be able to convey ideas coherently. Communicating both orally and in writing is part of the communication skill set. As well as listening and interpreting your business needs, the Tech Support Services consultant must be able to communicate effectively with you. You need a consultant with whom you can have proper interaction if you want to get it right.

For an IT project to be successful, communication is essential. A consultant must be able to effectively communicate their proposed IT solution in a way that is easy to comprehend after understanding the client’s needs and business objectives. Answering questions and providing feedback in a timely and professional manner is essential. The importance of communication also extends to resolving conflicts and ensuring everyone is on the same page. Furthermore, you must be able to communicate with the IT consultant and exchange feedback.

What to Look for When Hiring a Managed IT Services Provider in Toronto 4

Toronto Managed IT Services Contract

You should be specific about your business objectives and desired outcomes when hiring a managed IT services provider in Toronto. It is imperative that you are willing to discuss everything about your business with a Toronto IT consulting firm without holding back. To create the right IT solutions, an IT Support Services firm must have a full understanding of your business goals. IT consulting firms cannot provide the right technical services if they do not understand your business needs and goals. A timeframe should also be established and presented to the consulting firm. Identifying the right firm to hire is easier when you are specific.

A reliable Outsourced IT Support Toronto consulting firm will include these types of details in a comprehensive managed services contract that includes expectations, timeframes, and what you can do if you are not satisfied. Ideally, IT partners will not lock you into long-term contracts. To make an informed decision, you need to know the specific services that the company offers. You also need to know the terms and conditions of the contract, and the total cost of the project. Additionally, you will need to understand your rights and obligations as a customer, as well as your recourse if the firm does not meet your expectations.

What to Look for When Hiring a Managed IT Services Provider in Toronto 5

Toronto Managed IT Services Employee Training

Toronto IT consulting firms are not just about discussing tech support problems and advising on IT solutions. It involves coaching your employees with Cyber Security Training and Dark Web Monitoring. Your company’s productivity and profitability depend on your employees’ knowledge of technology and cybersecurity. Toronto IT Consulting firms can provide expert advice on how to protect your company’s digital assets with the latest security protocols and tools. As well as providing customized employee cyber security training, they can ensure that your employees are aware of the latest technology and security techniques. This will enable them to be relied upon to protect your company.

As cyberattacks increase from hackers and cyber criminals, organizations and employees need to be proactively protected. Choosing a Toronto IT consulting firm that specializes in coaching and training employees is a wise idea. Generally, consulting firms understand that organizations are constantly exposed to risk and that employees must use technology effectively. Employees will be equipped with modern practices as a result of it.

What to Look for When Hiring a Managed IT Services Provider in Toronto 6

Toronto Managed IT Services Pricing

Communicate your IT budget requirements with the Toronto managed IT services firm. Managed IT services provider in Toronto come in many forms, but some may be overpriced or underpriced.  To meet the budgets of clients, a competent Toronto IT consulting firm is needed. Do not be afraid to discuss money with them. Having a budget will not only protect your financial interests, but also save you time. A budget allows the consulting firm to quickly narrow down the list of options to those that meet the client’s financial and technology needs. Both the client and the Toronto IT consulting firm save time since they do not have to look over each option and determine its price.

Hiring the Right Toronto Managed IT Services Provider

365 iT SOLUTIONS offers best practices tailored to meet your industry’s standards.

Managed IT services provider 365 iT SOLUTIONS is a CyberSecure Canada certified company.

Cybercriminals and hackers are scanning the darkweb for your organization’s compromised credentials. Our complimentary data breach scan will scan the darkweb and provide a list of compromised passwords.

Our boutique Toronto IT consulting firm specializes in award-winning Managed IT Services, IT Outsourcing Services, Managed Security Services, Tech Support Services, Cyber Security Training, Dark Web Monitoring, Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR), IT Support Services, and Cloud Services.

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Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses in Toronto

Many think ransomware only affects large corporations however cybersecurity tips for small businesses in Toronto will cover these crucial steps.

According to a recent survey, over 20 percent of small businesses have been attacked. Out of the 20 percent, almost 50 percent of the small businesses said they had implemented defenses against cyberattacks and ransomware.

Cyber threat bulletin: The ransomware threat in 2021 from Canadian Centre for Cyber Security.

What Are Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses?

Business owners do not adequately protect themselves from cyberattacks, and they are becoming more sophisticated and frequent. If you are working with a Managed IT Services in Toronto provider or Managed Security Services, they will be able to provide you with details on how they are protecting you.

Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses 1

Small businesses should pay attention to the following cybersecurity tips:

  1. Proactively Update Software – Adding new updates is not the only reason you are asked to update your system software. To make your system more secure, a lot of work is being done. You may want to pick a day for updating so that you don’t forget. Managed IT Services Toronto providers will proactively do all that for you.


  1. Use Multi-factor Authentication (mfa) – An effective way to avoid cyberattacks is to use multi-factor authentication. The benefit of this is that if a cybercriminal or hacker is not able to access the specific code from your phone when you log in, they can’t access your account. You can enhance your small businesses cybersecurity by using multi-factor authentication every time you log in and ensuring your data is as secure as possible. Managed IT Services Mississauga can assist in setting this up for your business.


  1. Use a Strong Password – When it comes to finding passwords, hackers are getting better every day and they can purchase them on the darkweb. The most effective way to combat this is to use complex passwords. Employees should understand the importance of strong passwords, follow best practices, and follow your company’s password policy. Cyber Security Training and Dark Web Monitoring can help proactively monitor the dark web to ensure there is no compromised passwords.


  1. Proactive Employee Training – People are the weakest link in every cybersecurity approach to a business. Hackers are becoming more skilled at targeting and attacking employees. Phishing attacks allow a hacker to impersonate a person’s speech. Educating employees on what to look for can benefit a company in the long run. Tech Support Services can help your employees stay safe by providing active support on strange links and emails.


  1. Use Proactive Data Backups – For data that needs to be stored with your employees, data security is critical. In such scenarios, encrypted USBs and secure cloud backups can help ensure that sensitive data can be stored and shared securely. For any small business, securing data backups and recovery resilience is crucial. In addition to stealing your data, harmful threats and hackers can also encrypt or wipe it with ransomware. Businesses need to ensure they have a tested Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR)in place with their Outsourced IT Support Toronto.


  1. Proactive WiFi Security – Small business wireless networks must be protected. Use strong passwords and data encryption techniques to ensure that all devices connected to the network are secure. As some attacks have come through insecure company Wi-Fi, it is imperative to maintain a strong and hidden Wi-Fi presence for the sake of protecting the business from Wi-Fi attacks. Your IT Support Services can ensure using Cloud Services that you are following industry best practices.


  1. Use Secure Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) – Employees can securely access a company’s network from abroad with a VPN. Company employees frequently access the internet on networks that may not be as secure as the company’s network. Since VPNs encrypt data, they help lessen the consequences of a cyberattack. They will provide an additional layer of protection for employees. Managed IT Servicesprovider will use this with Multi-factor Authentication (2FA) to ensure your small business has the strongest protection from cyberattacks.


  1. Implement a Corporate Cybersecurity Policy – The three most critical areas of cybersecurity defense – people, technology, and policy. Small businesses should look for a complimentary data breach scan from a CyberSecure Canada provider in Toronto. It is imperative to ensure that your organization covers all three and more to achieve the necessary level of protection.


  1. Create an Incident Response Plan – As a response to phishing scams and ransomware, each business should develop strategies and plans to minimize the impact of a hack with their IT Outsourcing Services This way, you are not surprised when it comes, and you can nip it in the bud before it’s too late. By integrating and controlling your network, apps, and endpoints in the cloud, we help businesses amplify and solidify their security efforts.

Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses 2

365 iT SOLUTIONS  is an award-winning managed IT services provider in Toronto that is CyberSecure Canada certified.

When working with a Toronto managed IT services provider, they will be able to proactively address all the cyber security tips listed above.

Our award winning IT Outsourcing Toronto comes complete with Managed IT Services, IT Outsourcing Services, Managed Security Services, Tech Support Services, Cyber Security Training, Dark Web Monitoring, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR), IT Support Services, and Cloud Services.

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Can You Negotiate Ransomware

If your business has experienced ransomware, can you negotiate ransomware with cyber criminals?

Blog Note: The content of this post is strictly for information purposes, and we highly recommend you seek professional advice when dealing with ransomware. It can be easy to panic in the face of a ransomware attack, but it is vital to remain calm and focused to make the best decisions for your organization.

Steps To Take After a Ransomware Attack

The ransomware affected devices should be disconnected from the network as soon as possible. This should be done by your Managed IT Services provider or IT department immediately.  By doing this, you can prevent ransomware from spreading to other computers or devices.

Assess The Ransomware Damage

Understanding how ransomware operates and how to remove it requires understanding the specific type of ransomware virus that has infected your devices. By working with your Tech Support Services, Managed Security Services, or IT department.

Employees should be informed about the ransomware attack immediately. Employees under going Cyber Security Training and Dark Web Monitoring will already be aware of this however they should be instructed not to click on suspicious links or open suspicious attachments.

The ransomware attack should be reported according to Canadian Centre for Cyber Security. In addition to increasing awareness of the ransomware attack, this might also help prevent future attacks. It is imperative to note that in some regions, business owners are legally required to report an attack such as Toronto ransomware attacks.

Can You Negotiate Ransomware 1

Do Not Rush Ransomware Decision

Make sure you do not rush into a decision and discuss all options with your IT Support Services provider, IT Outsourcing Services provider, and IT department.

You will need to ensure your Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plan works properly. Prior to paying the ransom or exploring other options, carefully evaluate your options and their potential consequences.

There are other options besides paying a ransom. If you don’t have a backup, consider exploring other solutions. If you do not have backups, cybersecurity experts may be able to help you recover your data since many ransomware strains have been decrypted and keys are publicly available.

Managed IT Services Toronto will follow industry best practices and ensure you have a layer tested backup in place. If you have a tested data backup, you can answer the question “can you negotiate ransomware?” very quickly.

Payment Methods Used by Cybercriminals

Beyond encrypting data, cyber criminals use a variety of tactics. They will try to coerce victims into paying them using blackmail. It is not uncommon for cybercriminals to use several extortion tactics at the same time.

Here are some ransomware tactics used by cybercriminals and hackers after a ransomware attack:

  • Disclosure of Data Theft – The stolen data may be made publicly available if a ransom is not paid.
  • Launched DDoS Attacks – Hackers will often threaten to flood the victim’s website with traffic until paid.
  • Abnormal Printer Behavior – Hackers will print ransom notes directly in front of partners and customers.
  • Malicious Facebook Ads – Hackers will use Facebook ads to shame victims by drawing attention.
  • Clients Ransomware Anxiety – Hackers pressure victims to pressure affected companies to make payments.
  • Get Ransomware Help – Do not attempt to handle the situation on your own, get professional help.

Despite ransomware being a trend in cyberattacks, hackers are not always successful in obtaining ransom payment. This is thanks to many Managed IT Services Mississauga providers and IT Outsourcing Toronto providers that are taking proactive actions to protect clients from ransomware attacks.

Do not hesitate to seek professional assistance from a CyberSecure Canada certified provider like 365 iT SOLUTIONSManaged IT Services in Toronto can provide professional assistance and guidance on can you negotiate ransomware or what options do you have?

How to Perform Ransomware Negotiations

Paying a ransom or negotiating with ransomware attackers is not recommended as it encourages further attacks. This also supports cybercriminal activity.

If you pay the ransom, there is no guarantee that the hackers will provide the decryption key. When deciding whether to pay, it is imperative to weigh the risks and potential consequences carefully prior to engaging.

Cryptocurrency and encrypted communication channels are often used in ransomware attacks and payments. You should keep all communications including instructions for paying the ransom if you decide to negotiate with the cyber criminals.

Can You Negotiate Ransomware 2

Getting the Ransomware Key

Now that you have the decryption key, you should decrypt several random files to demonstrate that the ransomware decryption key works.

Your managed IT services provider in Toronto may be able to negotiate a lower amount if the hackers have negotiated or provided decryption keys after receiving payment in the past.

Ransomware Negotiation Tips

The following tips will help you negotiate with the hackers and are forced to pay the ransom:

  1. Do not let this influence your decision based on pressure.
  2. Do not appear desperate or urgent for the decryption key.
  3. Do not disclose if you have cyber insurance.
  4. Do not pay the entire ransom upfront. Offer to pay a small portion of the ransom upfront.
  5. Offer to pay the ransom in a cryptocurrency that is less commonly used or difficult to trace.
  6. It is critical to keep in mind that attackers may have a minimum price they are willing to accept.
  7. If the attackers refuse to compromise, you may choose to walk away from the negotiation.

How Do You Prevent Ransomware Attacks

  1. Ransomware should always be prevented by taking preventative proactive measures.
  2. Regularly update software and use security software as part of a robust cybersecurity policy.
  3. Ensure employees understand the risks of ransomware and how to protect themselves.
  4. Do not open attachments or click on unfamiliar links.
  5. Ensure you have backups and a disaster recovery plan in place.
  6. Use passwords that are strong, unique, and use multi-factor authentication.
  7. Ensure you have cyber security insurance to protect against financial losses caused by ransomware attacks.

Can You Negotiate Ransomware 3

Can you negotiate ransomware?

The answer is yes but with proper industry best practices managed IT services, you will not need to pay hackers or cybercriminals.

365 iT SOLUTIONS  is a CyberSecure Canada certified and offers many other services including Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR)Managed Security ServicesTech Support Services, and Cloud Services.

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What is Cybersecurity Training for Employees

Hackers and cybercriminals are on the attack which has Toronto businesses asking what is cybersecurity training for employees?

The digital landscape is becoming a important part of our daily personal and professional lives. During the past few years, business operations have become increasingly dependent on technology, and employees are expected to use this technology in a safe manner. There is no doubt that the use of mobile and remote work has been useful and necessary. However, it also allows cybercriminals and hackers to take advantage of minimal cyber security measures and cyber security best practices.

The importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated, since some or all a company’s business is conducted digitally, making it no less important than physical security. Listed below are a few of the most pressing reasons on what is cybersecurity training for employees including the importance of proactive cybersecurity training. If you are working with a Managed IT Services Toronto provider or Managed Security Services can help you come up with a proactive plan.

What is Cybersecurity Training for Employees 1

  1. Industry Compliance Requirements

Many organizations these days face legal and regulatory oversight as it is an important part of many aspects of business operations to protect against the various risks that are inherent to digital activities against cybercriminals and hackers. There are many laws and regulations including Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPDEA), PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Compliance with these regulations is motivated by a variety of reasons, but one of the most important reasons is that organizations can and will impose fines on businesses that do not abide by these regulations. Whenever it comes to the world of data security, this is never more relevant than when it comes to a business’s ability to succeed.

Any employee of an organization can be a liability when it comes to protecting the personal data of consumers and the data of that organization. A company must ensure that all its employees are properly trained and informed on the regulations when compliance is mandated, and fines are looming.

Many Toronto organizations that have a cybersecurity IT audited will be required to have Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR)Cyber Security Training and Dark Web Monitoring.

What is Cybersecurity Training for Employees 2

  1. Importance of Asset Protection for Businesses

In addition to avoiding fines, businesses should still strive to meet these regulatory standards for the sake of their own good as well. If you work with a IT provider that offers Managed IT Services in Toronto, they will help with compliance standards and regulatory boards.  This will not guarantee that it will be protected but addresses industry best practices in cybersecurity, setup to be CyberSecure Canada certified, and ensure you are using the best IT Outsourcing Toronto.

According to IBM, the average cost of a data breach is estimated at 4.35 million dollars per incident. If a business has proactive cybersecurity training for employees, your business will greatly reduce the risk of a data breach occurring, as well as ensuring that they know how to respond if their data is breached.

In Toronto, 365 iT SOLUTIONS offers businesses complimentary data breach scan and Managed IT Services that will offer asset protection.

What is Cybersecurity Training for Employees 3

  1. Importance of Client Data Protection

It is important to note that even though the above-mentioned regulations appear to be protecting data from cybercriminals and hackers as they still have a high probability of being able to obtain, steal, or exploit the information even though the regulations seem to be protecting them.

Tech Support Services and IT Support Services offer businesses the ability of managing password complexity, password variations, device privacy, and the amount of data that is shared. A Toronto business will be able to proactively protect the data from cyberattacks with industry best practices and proactive cybersecurity measures.

Cybersecurity training for employees that is effective and thorough will reduce the chances of employees will make mistakes that compromise the data. Having effective cybersecurity measures in place is crucial to protecting your business and reputation from liability that can arise due to weak cyber security measures.

Many organizations using Cloud Services and Outsourced IT Support Toronto will need to ensure that they are understand the importance of client data protection.

What is Cybersecurity Training for Employees 4

  1. Cybersecurity Skills and Cybersecurity Training for Employees

Cybersecurity Training for Employees can be used outside of the workplace and used to their advantage. Employees must be taught how to detect and mitigate cybersecurity threats such as phishing, ransomware, spoofing, and deepfakes to protect not only the company and its customers from these threats, but also the company’s own personal information from these threats.

It has been found that they are more likely to be computer literate and receptive to technological advances despite their resistance and hesitancy to learn, rather than being resistant and hesitant to learn in the first place. IT Outsourcing Services will address many of these IT items using a proactive approach.

What is Cybersecurity Training for Employees 5

  1. Constant Changing Cybersecurity Landscape

What is Cybersecurity Training for Employees? In a world where computers and data security are constantly changing and growing, it is inevitable that cybersecurity threats will change along with them. Outsourced IT Support Toronto will help with the training of employees as it needs to be refreshed and updated on a regular basis if the organization wants to keep up with the frequent changes in the industry.

In the long run, cybersecurity training for employees will not be effective. It is the responsibility of a company to ensure that the data it collects, and shares is protected. All employees need to undergo cybersecurity training for employees to mitigate this risk to the maximum extent possible. With the right cybersecurity training program in place, along with other effective cyber security measures, employees will be able to recognize risks, guard against threats, and recognize and react to attacks when they occur, which will enable them to identify risks and guard against threats in the future.

Cybersecurity training for employees can play a big role in reducing the risk of data breaches as well as other cybersecurity threats.  As part of a cybersecurity awareness program, employees are educated about information security best practices, applications, and technologies that are commonly used in the workplace, such as social media, email, and websites. Cybersecurity awareness training is offered to employees to provide them with information about social engineering attacks such as phishing and spear phishing.   It is also possible to take this a step further by conducting phishing simulations as part of this activity. Employees receive deceptive emails that are indicative of malicious emails that are sent to them.

It is possible to assess, using this tool, whether individuals are aware of cyberattacks, how they respond to phishing emails, and if additional training is needed to protect themselves against cyberattacks.  You can improve the security of your organization’s computer system by providing your employees with the skills necessary to recognize common cyber threats. The purpose of security awareness training is to educate employees about vulnerabilities and threats to the operation of the company. To ensure that computer users on a business network are aware of their responsibilities and accountabilities, they need to receive training. To instill a culture of data security within your organization, it is imperative that you implement new hire training and regular refresher training.

Boost Client Confidence with Managed IT Services Mississauga

Clients are becoming increasingly aware of the risks associated with cyber security. To increase customer confidence, businesses must implement proactive tools and solutions that prove their cybersecurity resilience to gain the trust of their clients.  It was found that 31 percent of clients discontinued their relationship with the security breached company after a data breach according to a Ponemon study.

Another 65 percent of respondents said that they lost trust in the organization after being affected by one or more data breaches in the past year. Based on these statistics, having a strong cyber security posture is essential.  It is imperative that every business has employee cybersecurity training for employees.  Employees will be guided to follow best practices to mitigate cyber threats in the workplace.

Business customers are more likely to do business with a company if they are aware that it takes a proactive approach to cybersecurity as part of its business practices.  There is no doubt that your organization would benefit from a security awareness program. Additionally, employees will be able to make better and more educated decisions with the help of cybersecurity awareness programs (along with a layered approach to cybersecurity), as well as adoption of a layered approach to cybersecurity.

What is Cybersecurity Training for Employees?

365 iT SOLUTIONS offers can provide valuable information on proactive cybersecurity employee training needs as well as your cybersecurity.

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Happy New Year from 365 iT SOLUTIONS

Happy New Year from 365 iT SOLUTIONS

Together with our clients and partners, we look forward to seeing what 2023 will bring.

Thank you to all our employees, clients, and partners!

We appreciate all you have done to help us grow this year and look forward to 2023 with you.

Best wishes for the new year!

Happy New Year from 365 iT SOLUTIONS 1

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How Does Cybersecurity Work

Cybersecurity can seem complicated as it encompasses so many things but how does cybersecurity work at protecting your business?

Businesses cannot secure their IT infrastructure using one tactic and leave it to Managed Security Services or Managed IT Services Toronto. Industry best practices indicate that a good cybersecurity service will include multiple layers of protection that cover all aspects of technology use including Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR).

How Does Cybersecurity Work 11

How has cybersecurity become a vital part of daily business operations?

The answer is that even one cyber attack can be devastating to a business financially. A data breach or malware infection results in 60 percent of small businesses closing their doors within 6 months.

This is the biggest nightmare to any business as well as their Tech Support Services  and Outsourced IT Support Toronto.

Managed IT Services in Toronto and security companies examine several aspects of a company’s IT infrastructure, including devices and user habits. Identifying cybersecurity risks that could enable a phishing attack to succeed or allow an attacker to access a company system or cloud application, is the goal.

There are so many ways hackers can get into a business’s network that many businesses don’t know where they are vulnerable. Cyber security consultants and Managed IT Services Mississauga providers will stay on top of all the latest attack methods, zero-day exploits, and tools to combat them.

There are many different elements of cybersecurity to consider with your IT Outsourcing Toronto. This includes:


Application cybersecurity is all about keeping software applications safe from threats, hackers, and cyber criminals. Cloud applications cybersecurity services consider data breaches that are often caused by misconfigured security settings. Many companies use Cloud Services such as Microsoft 365 and AWS without understanding that cybersecurity settings need to be customized.

Misconfiguration of cloud application cybersecurity is primarily caused by:

  • Cloud security policies that are not understood
  • Cloud services controls and oversight are insufficient
  • Too many interfaces are used to govern the application cybersecurity
  • Employees insider negligence

Application cybersecurity services will help strengthen application cybersecurity by setting up multi-factor authentication and administration privilege controls.


The term information security refers to the protection of company data as well as data collected from clients, customers, and vendors. This is often managed by an organizations IT department, IT Outsourcing Services, or Managed IT Services.

Many companies will be required to adhere to one or more information security standards. If Personal Identifying Information (PII) is compromised as a result of negligence, stiff penalties may apply.

Toronto cybersecurity companies examine how you collect, store, and transmit data. As needed, they will encrypt data, and ensure it is protected from being compromised.


When it comes to disaster recovery planning, many companies turn to Toronto cybersecurity consulting services. To avoid becoming one of the 60 percent of companies that fold after a cyberattack, you need to take these steps.

Two important components of disaster recovery protection are:

  • Proactively prevent data breaches and malware infections.
  • Proactively maintain a quick recovery plan if infected.

Cyber security consultants implement measures such as backup and recovery systems, incident response drills, and strong endpoint protection.


The goal of network security is to proactively protect your physical network as well as all the devices connected to it. Next generation firewalls monitor incoming and outgoing traffic for cyber threats in most companies.

Cybersecurity services in Toronto also ensure network security by securing your wireless network and encrypting all remote connections.

It ensures that only authorized users can access the network, and that suspicious behavior within the network does not indicate a breach.


End-user cybersecurity refers to protecting the devices users use, as well as the users themselves. Since 91 percent of cyberattacks begin with phishing emails, end-user security is essential.

End-user protection includes the following types:

  • Proactively updating devices
  • Next generation antivirus and anti-malware management
  • Proactive DNS filtering blocking malicious websites
  • Preventing cybersecurity breaches at the firmware level
  • Enforced screen locks with passcode
  • Proactive management of device detection and remote management

You could suffer a breach if an unprotected employee device gets infected with malware and spreads it throughout your network if you do not use next generation end-user security with artificial intelligence (AI) and automatic ransomware disconnection.

Proactive employee security awareness training is another important component of end-user security. A regular training program should teach employees how to detect phishing emails, protect passwords, handle sensitive data, and other important aspects of cyber hygiene.


Taking a step back and looking at your entire security strategy is key to operational cybersecurity. Toronto IT services provider will think like hackers and cybercriminals when providing operational IT security consultations. A potential breach will be probed in all areas of your IT environment.

An operational security process encompasses all your IT security processes. The strategy ensures that the operation is not only protecting all areas of a potential breach, but that it is also continuously updating its security strategies to stay on top of the latest threats.

How Does Cybersecurity Work 11

All Toronto businesses need to ensure they are aware of their cybersecurity risk to lower the risk.

You can have 365 iT SOLUTIONS conduct a cybersecurity assessment and complimentary data breach scan for your Toronto business to determine potential areas of risk and solutions.

In Toronto, 365 IT SOLUTIONS is a CyberSecure Canada  certified managed IT services provider.

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