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Canadian businesses are behind in technology

Canadian businesses are behind in technology

The old standard way was to use a company issued computer and phone. At the end of the day, you left your work behind and went home. Things have changed drastically and Canadian businesses are behind in technology.

BYOD and other technologies have pushed traditional boundaries of employee work and productivity. People are more connected than ever and however some organizations are limiting how employees work due to security concerns.

Research suggests, however, that half of Canadian employers have done little, if anything, to acknowledge and manage the challenges that come with having a more remote and mobile work force. According to a recent study titled The Transformation of Work by Ryerson University, 70 per cent of Canadian employees are mobile however less than 50 percent work for an organization with a mobility strategy.

Some other interesting findings include the following:

  • 96 percent of all companies are using mobile technologies.
  • Canada has a higher rate of smartphone adoption than the United States
  • Canada is behind the US in the adoption of mobile apps in the workplace.
  • Canadian employees are physically mobile and it this is expected to increase to 73% by 2016.

Canadian businesses are behind in technology compared to the United states even thou mobile technology is improving access to information and changing the very definition of the workplace on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the study does show that fewer than 30 percent of organizations see a clear value proposition for the technology however companies that do embrace technology and change have seen improvements in effectiveness, collaboration, and access to information.

Canadian businesses are behind in technology as the adoption of new technology and mobile technologies is being driven by a number of factors including change from both management and the demands of employees. Unfortunately, limited budgets and the uncertainty of return on investment (ROI) is slowing Canadian companies down.

Prior to investing in new technology, organizations need to plan and develop a plan with management, employees and their IT department or IT consultant. This plan must address privacy and security concerns prior to adoption including company policies, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and mobile technology management across the entire organization.

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