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Canadian Businesses are not Prepared

Canadian Businesses Are Not Prepared

According to a recent survey, over 50 percent of Canadian businesses are not prepared for technology changes due to COVID-19 pandemic.  This means they are not prepared to maintain long-term remote work.

Here are some of the statistics based on the survey:

  • 32 percent of Canadian businesses are confident that scale into the cloud.
  • 90 percent of Canadian organizations would like to speed up their digital presence.
  • 44 percent of Canadian organizations believe they have a large challenge to scale up their cloud infrastructure.
  • 37 percent of Canadian organizations believe cost of going to the cloud is an issue.
  • 33 percent of Canadian organizations believe their cloud service provider (CSP) is prepared to help them shift workloads into the cloud with proper structures as well as the ability to protect their data sovereignty.
  • 23 percent of Canadian organizations do not believe their IT department or managed IT services provider has the experience to manage or use cloud services.
  • 66 percent of Canadian organizations said they would not have been impacted by COVID-19 if they had put in place a more robust remote access and work from home (WFH) strategy.
  • 75 percent of Ontario businesses agree that a proper remote working strategy would have minimized the COVID-19 impact,
  • 58 percent of Canadian companies are concerned about cyber security as they embrace more remote working solutions.
  • 40 percent of Canadian organizations stated that they lack the IT infrastructure to manage hybrid cloud as well as they do not have the resources to speed up their strategy.
  • Over 50 percent of Canadian businesses are not prepared for technology changes due to COVID-19 however technology companies have been moving ahead at closing the gap by offering further cloud solutions.

Business leaders must remember the 3 C’s of security awareness:

  • Communication is about effective communication. Organizations need to engage people and explain why they should care about cybersecurity.
  • Collaboration Security awareness touches everyone in the organization therefore you communicate importance as it is critical to gain support, buy-in, and employee behavior change.
  • Culture is going beyond just behavior as it includes the perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs people have toward cybersecurity.

Microsoft offers a great line of services including Microsoft 365, Microsoft 365, Azure, Windows Virtual Desktop, and much more. This will help Canadian businesses deal with the new challenges resulting from COVID-19.

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