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How Can I Protect My Business from Cyber Attacks?

How Can I Protect My Business from Cyber Attacks

Businesses of all sizes have the same issue to address of how to protect their business from cyber attacks.

It no longer limited to major corporations, IT security experts have noticed an increase in small businesses being at of data breaches and other cyber threats from hackers or cyber criminals.

Protect your business from cyber attacks as well as your employees, customers and reputation.

Why are small businesses at risk from cyber attacks?

The main reason is simple, cyber criminals and hackers target small businesses as they tend to be easier. Since small businesses have smaller budgets and resources, they usually are less secure plus many have the mindset that they are insignificant and will not attract attention. Unfortunately, most attacks are fully automated and use a wide spread approach which will allow them to penetrate a small business network much faster than they can a larger corporation.

How can you protect your business from cyber attacks?

This can be handled on multiple levels however we will address a couple of key points for every business to consider when addressing cyber attacks.

  1. Budget – Set a realistic budget allocated to network security and data security. This does not require your business to a huge amount of money to create a successful security strategy to protect your information, reputation and client information.
  2. Plan – Be prepared to take a proactive approach to limit and can cut down potential damages and limit your business risk. Often when these breaches happen, it comes down to employees that fail to observe and follow proper security protocols, including secure passwords, downloading and phishing scams. Your plan should address risk factors and how you will respond to them when a tech support issue will arise.
  3. Equipment – All companies no matter what size should use business class firewalls to protect their business with proactive security services the will secure your network against threats such as intrusions, viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, adware, keyloggers and malicious code. Some may also allow for Anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, content filtering, and application intelligence.
  4. Experts – Not every business has the budget for a full-time IT department however there are options. You can turn to IT consultants based on a one time project based fee or a managed services providers based on a monthly agreement to help your business from cyber attacks.

Small businesses may be subject to an increase of these devastating cyber attacks however there are ways to protect your business by properly planning for when disaster strikes. Every business owner or management is responsible to protect their business from cyber attacks.

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