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Can BYOD Make Your Workplace More Secure?

With all the gadgets out there, companies fear they are more vulnerable to attacks as they face all these new gadgets but can BYOD make your workplace more secure or an IT security nightmare?

So what is BYOD? Simple, it stands for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) but it also known as Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT), Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) or Bring Your Own PC (BYOPC).

Companies are now starting to understand that employees are connecting their phones and tablets at work and really are not too concerned if there is a BYOD policy in place.  Companies must understand that BYOD policies are a large component of their IT security and must handle new platforms and devices entering their IT infrastructure.

So can BYOD make your workplace more secure? Yes and here are three important areas your business needs to consider when looking to beef up your IT network security.

  1. These days, technology changes quickly and managed IT services providers are helping their clients stay ahead of the curve. This can often be a struggle for businesses and IT departments as they are stuck trying to manage networks that support workstations, servers, firewalls plus fitness trackers and smartwatches.  It is important for a business to know their network-enabled endpoints as companies have to manage the number of connections in order to control spikes in network traffic and risk from remote access vulnerabilities.
  2. BYOD is not only mobile phones it also includes laptops and when companies address BYOD, they have to think about all devices in their network including smartphones and tablets. Mobile technology is rising and as a result IT support professionals are building proactive IT security measures and policies to protect these new smart devices.  It is important to remember that cyber criminals always target the weakest link in IT networks.  Companies often fall into the trap of focusing on new technologies and not maintaining or upgrading their security measures.  Companies need to invest in mobile security in order to their entire IT infrastructure.
  3. Businesses often forget their information on personal devices when they leave. Companies must manage mobile devices especially if you allow personal devices in your network.  When employees leave on bad terms, they may try and keep information they can then use to harm the company’s reputation as revenge.

BYOD policies goes far beyond your IT department or IT consulting partner.  BYOD policies need to be addressed by your IT department, upper management including your HR professional.  Your BYOD policy needs to address if an employee is no longer with your organisation, how will access be eliminated and what company information is stored on their device.  This is where a mobile device management solution is useful and how BYOD will make your workplace more secure.

Last but not least is employee awareness. It is extremely important that employees are aware of this procedure the moment they begin with the company by implementing it into their policies and training so the company experiences no surprises or legal issues.

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