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Why businesses are choosing cloud PBX phone systems


Many businesses are still relying on old PBX phone systems however cloud PBX phone systems are taking the market by storm.  Is your company seeing cost savings? Do you have unlimited calling and long distance? Does your organization have one phone system worldwide? Well in this article we will address why it is beneficial to go to the cloud with your business phone system.

If you are upgrading an existing system or purchasing a new one for a start-up, cloud PBX phone systems is the best option.  It is a simple business decision as it is scalable, flexible and cost-effective. Cloud PBX phone systems offer all the features of a regular phone system without the initial capital expense.

A VoIP cloud phone system relies on software and the Internet to connect calls.  You can host your phone system on your equipment or have it hosted in a data centre ensuring maximum uptime.  This also allows your partner provider to manage and administer the system.

What is the advantage of a cloud phone system?

No upfront capital expenditure

With cloud PBX phone systems, there is no need to purchase backend PBX hardware plus you do not have to keep IT resources on staff to operate and manage the system. Many cloud PBX phone systems include unlimited long distance and simple predictable monthly billing.  There are no hidden costs so it is easy to balance your budget and plan for the future.

Cloud PBX phone systems grow with your business

This is one of the greatest features. The phone cloud PBX phone systems expands with your business and you only pay for active extensions.  For example, if you land a large project for 12 months and need to hire contractors for that time, you will only pay for the extensions while the contractors are active.  This allows you to have a fixed cost per extension per month.  Also unlike traditional phone systems, cloud PBX phone systems allow you to have access to your phone system from a VoIP phone, workstation, laptop or smart device.  You will never have to worry about limits and you can add as many lines as your company needs based on your internet connection.

Cloud PBX phone systems follows you

Are you moving offices? Opening a remote office?  Cloud PBX phone systems now give you incredible flexibility.  Today employees are on the go and work from various locations.  They may be working in remote offices, at home, at a coffee shop, another country and the list continues however with a cloud PBX phone systems, they have an extension and never out of reach.  Also, cloud PBX phone systems play a big role in your business disaster recovery plan since the phone system is in the cloud, your system will remain online and operating.

Cloud PBX phone systems Integration

Cloud PBX phone systems integrate with leading Customer relationship management (CRM), Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and even applicant tracking systems.  You can automate the process of entering call records which increases employee productivity

Full blown Cloud PBX phone systems features

A great benefit to Cloud PBX phone systems is your business now has enterprise class phone system features including customizable auto-attendant, conferencing and call queues for a fraction of the cost.


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