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Your Business is Not Protected from Ransomware

Ransomware is the fastest growing cybercrime and your business is not protected from Ransomware. Is your business safe and how will you deal with it when it hits your network?

Ransomware does not care if you are a small, medium or enterprise sized business. It only wants to gain access to your data and demand payment in exchange for a key that decrypts or makes the data visible again. According to Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2015, In 2015, there were 1,966,324 registered notifications about attempted malware infections that aimed to steal money via online access to bank accounts.

Your business is not protected from Ransomware but here are 4 best practices to follow to protect against ransomware.

  1. Have a complete tested data backup plan.

As a leading managed IT services provider in the Toronto area, we offer complimentary network assessments and this is a consistent issue. It does not matter if you backup your data to an external hard drive or use a cloud provider service, you should always have both in play. The reason behind this is if your physical location experiences a natural disaster, fire or theft, you should always have a physical device backup stored at a different location. Your cloud data backup service should be using encryption before uploading for an added layer of protection.

  1. Perform proactive software and security updates

Yup, proactive is the keyword in this one. No matter how much time and money is put into developing software, it all comes with bugs, security flaws and vulnerabilities. Manufacturers issue software and security updates for operating systems, computer programs and apps on a regular basis. Hackers and cyber criminals use browsers, plug-ins, media players, Flash and Adobe Acrobat as common areas to attack potential victims. You need to ensure that your network is proactively managed to minimize a breach or any other security threat.

  1. Don’t click on that email and link while browsing

Use good judgement before you click. It does not matter if you are banking, shopping or browsing online, use judgement before you click on suspicious stuff. You should do shopping or banking only on a computer or device you trust. Never use a public computer or free WIFI for personal website browsing. You need to be careful about clicking on a link or opening an attachment, even if it looks like it came from someone you know. Criminals and hackers use generic names to avoid the time it takes to send customized emails. Simple rule to follow, when in doubt, do not click!

  1. Use complex passwords. “Password” does not qualify.

Make it complicated. “Passwords” or “12345” do not qualify as a complicated password. Passwords should be long and contain a mix of upper case, lower case and symbols as well as a different password for each site. One third of people use the same password for every website with weak passwords like “Password”. You should have a password policy to ensure it changes often and enforce users to make passwords complicated.

Your business is not protected from Ransomware but these 4 simple steps can help you reduce your risk and stay protected from Ransomware.

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