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Does your business need Microsoft 365?

As many companies consider going to the cloud, usually email is the first step.  Does your business need Microsoft 365? Microsoft 365 has been extremely successful with businesses by providing a wide array of features.

Microsoft 365 is successful with businesses due to these five reasons:

Security          –           Microsoft 365 applications are protected by 128 bit SSL/TTSL encryption.

Reliability       –           Microsoft offers a financially backed Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.9%.

SharePoint     –           Works Office applications and allows teams to edit projects simultaneously.

OneDrive        –           Allows users to securely backup online and store documents with Microsoft.

The move to cloud storage is a big change however as users need to adapt is that the primary storage location for their files will no longer be the hard drive or company server.  Their files will now be stored in the cloud on Microsoft servers accessible via the internet.  The key advantage is that your files will be accessible on many devices.

Businesses choose Microsoft 365 because applications are protected by 128 bit SSL/TTSL encryption therefore if your transmission is intercepted, the information cannot be read.  They also like that Microsoft offers a financially backed Service Level Agreement (SL) of 99.9% uptime.

There are also great collaboration tools like SharePoint integrated with Microsoft 365.  In today’s critical business environment, collaboration is critical and SharePoint addresses it. SharePoint works easily and efficiently with Office applications and it allows multiple users to edit projects simultaneously.  Office Web Apps allows people to work on documents in Web Browsers and PowerPoint broadcasting allows Internet presentations even if the other person does not have PowerPoint. Increasingly mobile work forces need flexibility in how they work, and where they work, and SharePoint gives organisations robust Cloud tools to do this.

Still think Microsoft 365 is not the right choice for your business?

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