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Is your business migrating to the Cloud?


Cloud services is noting new however it can help your business.  Is your business migrating to the cloud and you have concerns regarding data security, privacy, and cost? We can make it easy.

365 iT SOLUTIONS is Toronto’s leading cloud services provider and we have helped businesses extend their IT infrastructure into the cloud using various configurations including secure hybrid private cloud networks with business continuity, enterprise grade security and performance that is all backup by our internal 100% Canadian helpdesk support team.

Is your business migrating to the cloud? Well consider the following:

  1. Understand the risks with cloud services

There are risks associated with cloud migration so it must be planned and executed properly.  You should consult with your IT department or managed IT services provider prior to approving any risk-related decision.

  1. Consider how cloud services applies to your business

Cloud services will improve flexibility and scalability however the cloud may not be perfect for every application.  Legacy applications, ERPs or CRMs may not be compatible.  Also, mission-critical workloads and sensitive data may not be suited for the public cloud. You need to consider the application before moving to the cloud including your cloud migration strategy.

  1. Staged approach to the cloud

It is common for businesses to run into trouble when migrating to the cloud if you move too fast.  There are many moving parts to your IT infrastructure and there may not be enough time to recover from issues that may arise. Your cloud migration strategy should well planned with a step-by-step procedure as the cloud migration may take place in stages in order to ensure every step is deployed correctly.

  1. Create a cloud services security plan

You need to be aware of how your security and governance can with cloud services.  Will your company be in compliance with the chosen cloud services? How will your business manage the cloud?  Who will have access to cloud files?

365 iT SOLUTIONS has been helping Canadian businesses grow by proactively handling their IT infrastructure and technology needs. By using many leading cloud services providers including Azure, Amazon Web Services and private cloud services, we have built many customized cloud solutions that helps businesses grow by optimizing their corporate technology environment.

365 iT SOLUTIONS is 100% Toronto-based IT consulting firm that works with Canada’s leading companies to outsource or support their IT infrastructure needs including strategic IT consulting, guaranteed response time, and reliable internal IT staff. This is all tied to our industry leading Managed IT ServicesIT Support ServicesIT Outsourcing ServicesTech Support Services and Cloud Services.

Is your business migrating to the Cloud? Let our complimentary network and security assessment show you how.

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