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Governments are boosting IT security. Are you keeping up with new threats?

Governments are boosting IT security. Are you keeping up with new threats

As networks are under constant attack, many organizations are boosting IT security spending due to value of data on the black market. How secure is your data?

Hackers continue to increase the number of attacks and more organizations need a proactive advanced security solution to protect their business. This has come down to securing several areas including the following:

BYOD Including Mobile Devices

With BYOD and IoT are becoming more popular and causing companies to boosting IT security spending. IT BYOD policies have to now address personal mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Employees now need to access and store confidential data on mobile devices, which has put increased stress on IT departments to protect data. Unfortunately, smart devices are not secure and an easy target for hackers to gain unauthorized access to them in corporate networks.

Data breaches

Everyone hears about them in the news and in all industries including healthcare, manufacturing, insurance to mention a few. Hackers have found new ways to access valuable data as well as ways to disrupt businesses. As more businesses rely on the internet and web dependent applications, this has led to unprecedented rise in cyber-attacks and an increase in boosting IT security budgets.

Network security threats

With organizations having an increased dependency on web applications and services, this has led to an increase of cyber-attacks that will affect your IT infrastructure. With so many business relying on hybrid cloud services, your entire network is at risk as they generally tend to target your websites, customer databases, cloud email and web servers. The unfortunate news is that advanced attacks and threats can be detected only after an attack.

Regulatory requirements and compliance

What has been driving IT security? Simple, more industries are starting to be regulated and have to meet compliance and IT security audits. Regulatory compliance enable merchants and financial institutions to protect their payment systems from breaches and theft of cardholder data. A compliance breach may result in financial loss and reputation loss, which may lead to customer attrition. Organizations are proactively securing their network perimeters and applications to prevent any compliance breaches.

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