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What are the best tools to remove malware?


It is not new news or shocking but as threats continue to grow.  How do you protect yourself from all these threats including malware?  We have published great articles including “How to Strengthen and Secure Your Passwords” however in this article we will address how to remove malware and what are the best tools to it.

Malware is defined as a short for malicious software used to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information and/or gain access.  End result, your information is at risk!

Now if you are using a Managed IT Services provider (MSP) such as 365 iT SOLUTIONS, you do not have to worry as our IT Support Services has you covered as we use industry leading comprehensive remote monitoring and management system (RMM) which includes centrally controlled corporate anti-virus and malware.

So what are the best anti-malware tools?

If you do not have tech support services, we have put together a list of the best tools to protect and clean malware from your systems.

In a recent test, they tested over 22 products against over 600 live threats including drive-by downloads, malicious URLs, infected email attachments and some other threats.  So how did everyone rate?

100%   –           Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security but show five false positives results.

99.5% –           Qihoo 360 Internet Security and no false positives results

99.5%  –           Panda Cloud Free Antivirus but show six false positives results.

99.3%  –           Kaspersky and no false positives.

99.2%  –           Avira and no false positives results.

99.2%  –           BitDefender and no false positives results.

98.7%  –           ESET came next with 98.7 percent and one false positive.

So if you are choosing an internet security suite to protect your system and data, you must remember that there is no perfect product out there however a good internet security suite followed by some good safe online usage rules and you will be protected.


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