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Benefits Cloud Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC)

What is a Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC)?

A virtual private data center (VPDC) is a type of cloud service in which a private cloud vendor provides the entire infrastructure over the cloud.  VPDCs are generally huge cloud offerings, engulfing a suite of enterprise-level IT resources bundled together and provided over Internet to different clients within an unshared or private cloud model.  A complete VPDC solution contains processing, storage, infrastructure, and application and data center management software.

  • Reduces Cost – Forget costly hardware purchases, now you can add new servers with the click of a button.
  • Saves Time – You can add new resources to increase an existing machine or create a new one.
  • Flexible – You can grow and shrink your systems as you need to when you need to and everything is automated so new resources are added right away. You can build and destroy virtual servers and turn them on and off  as you need them, and only pay for what you are using.
  • Centralized – Access your equipment from anywhere at any time.
  • Carbon Footprint – Consolidate all hardware onto the cloud reducing your electricity consumption.
  • Secure – Enterprise class security is employed to ensure your data is secure at all levels. Anti-spoof, anti-sniff firewall technology isolates your virtual machines from those of other customers, ensuring your cloud is private.
  • Canadian – Our cloud infrastructure is entirely in Canada, so your data stays in the country.
  • Resilient – Virtual presence is always accessible due to our technology and self-healing architecture.
  • Route Optimized – We use Internap’s FCP technology for super-fast, low latency networks.
  • API – Full API access to the same features available via the control panel.
  • Technical Support –  Is available 24/7/365 from in-house, Canadian technicians by phone, email or online.



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