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Apple Mac computers are at risk of new ransomware KeRanger

No system is safe, Apple Mac computers are at risk of new ransomware. Find out how it affects Mac computers and how to protect your data and business. Apple Mac customers are now being targeted by hackers using ransomware KeRanger.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is one of the fastest-growing types of cybercriminal threats out there that encrypts data on infected machines and then asks for a ransoms in digital currencies before they give you an electronic key to retrieve your data.

What is Ransomware KeRanger?

KeRanger allows cybercriminals to bypass Apple’s Gatekeeper software. The malicious ransomware then installs an infected version 2.90 installer that called “General.rtf” file which looks like a legitimate .RTF file. KeRanger then stays dormant for 3 days. Once it activates, KeRanger begins encrypting files across the Apple Mac system.

What systems are vulnerable to KeRanger?

KeRanger ransomware does not affect everybody who uses the Transmission app. It will only affect Mac users that downloaded version 2.90 from the Transmission website. This version has been bundled with the KeRanger ransomware. For user downloading Transmission from the website right now, you will not be affected as developers have since removed the malicious ransomware installer and replaced it with a working installer called 2.92.

How do I remove KeRanger?

The Transmission developers have just released Transmission 2.92 and it will automatically search for and remove the KeRanger ransomware malware from your Apple Mac.

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