Apple iOS Malware Wirelurker on the Attack

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of security vulnerabilities, bugs, flaws or malware? Windows.  Well, let us introduce WireLurker, a new threat to Apple devices.

For a very long time Macs have been considered to be more secure from threats however things are changing.  Not only does WireLurker affect iOS devices, it is relying on Mac OS X vulnerabilities to perform these attacks.

Here are some interesting facts regarding WireLurker:

  • Largest malware to rely on repackaged OS X applications
  • It can automate the generation of malicious iOS applications
  • It can infect iOS applications in a manner similar to a virus
  • It can install third-party applications on all non-jailbroken devices.

So how does WireLurker work?

  • The first step is for WireLurker to infect an OS X system.
  • Once infected, WireLurker hides in the background and looks for an iOS device to connect
  • Once connected, it installs third-party software to the iOS device

What makes WireLurker extremely dangerous is that it can impact both jailbroken as well as non-jailbroken iOS devices.  It is a serious threat because it requests updates frequently from servers used by the attackers, making it more difficult to thwart once users have been affected.

So how do you protect yourself from WireLurker?

Apple, by default, configures OS X to only allow apps from Mac App Store and identified developers.  Do not change this setting as it opens your system WireLurker and other similar threats.


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