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How to have affordable cybersecurity for small businesses

How to have affordable cybersecurity for small businesses

Many businesses are trying to deal with an increasing number of complex and devastating security threats, however, there is affordable cybersecurity for small businesses out there.

Cyber security attacks have included DDoS attacks, phishing scams, advanced malware, and ransomware.  As cyber criminals and hackers continue to evolve, organizations have a constant need to protect their environments from these cyber threats.

Here are some interesting stats when it comes to cybersecurity for small businesses.

  • Verizon Breach Report reported that 60% of cyber-attacks are motivated by financial reasons and that there is an alarming increase to espionage and intellectual property. These breaches can run into the millions.
  • Online Trust Alliance reported that 91% of security breaches were preventable if they were using the right cybersecurity solution to eliminate critical vulnerabilities.

Here are 5 benefits why an MSP can deliver affordable cybersecurity for small businesses:

  1. Reduce Risk – An MSP will reduce your security exposure as a simple click on a malicious link in an email can lead to a malware infection among other cyber security threats. Once your system has been compromised, handling the issue becomes more difficult than preventing it in the first of place.
  2. Focus on Business – A managed IT services provider will allow you to focus on your core areas of business. Cyber threats are not going to stop and they will challenge your IT security even if you have vigilant measures in place. An MSP will have a team of IT professionals as well as the tools and expertise to monitor your environment 24/7.
  3. Leverage an IT consulting Team – An MSP will bring a comprehensive range of cybersecurity services and solutions to the table. The most important part is that you will have access to a complete IT department who are consistently enhancing and updating their tools and knowledge. As hackers continue to evolve their attacks, it will become more difficult to keep up.
  4. Stay with Technology Evolution – Companies grow and their technical needs also. They require additional cybersecurity solutions to protect their networks, employees, and clients as their infrastructure changes. Handling cyber security issues can be a major hassle and expensive.
  5. Industry Best Practices – Not looking for an MSP? If you decide to deal with cybersecurity threats in-house, you need to ensure you develop a comprehensive strategy for your network can become more vulnerable. Your IT security plan must be implemented quickly and effectively as it must provide complete coverage for your infrastructure and help defend your business against cyber threats.

Ask any IT consultant or IT department, there has been a record number of breaches, hacks, and strains of advanced malware over the past five years. Public and private companies have suffered from these consequences resulting in loss of productivity, reputation, and money.

If you choose to manage your IT security internally, you should ensure you are covering the basics including next-generation firewall, business-class anti-virus, malware protection, and a full disaster recovery plan.  You must proactively manage and monitor it to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

How to have affordable cybersecurity for small businesses? Our complimentary network and security assessment can put your IT infrastructure and business to the test.

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