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Adaptive Cyber Security Is Critical to Stopping Advanced Cyber Attacks

Adaptive Cyber Security Is Critical to Stopping Advanced Cyber Attacks

As the cyber security landscape changes daily, successful organizations understand that adaptive cyber security is critical to stopping advanced cyber attacks.

Managed IT services providers (MSP) and IT departments are encountering cyber threats from keyboard attacks to a wide-scale and destructive ransomware attack. Unfortunately for many organizations, reactive triage and remediation by alert will fail in such cyber security situations and stopping advanced cyber attacks.

Security alerts are a good place to start when investigating, but they do not provide the organizations with the information needed to efficiently mitigate the severity, effects, and spread of an cyberattack. Rather than queueing up isolated security alerts, managed IT services providers (MSP), IT security teams, and IT departments would do better to shift their focus more toward the security incident which could be used to respond.

When you switch from a reactive alert-based triage and remediation system to one that is built around comprehensive cyber security incident remediation, you can enjoy enormous benefits, including savings on time and resources.  This would lift the burden from your IT department and shift it to your managed IT services provider.  This would be a definite corporate strengthening of your organizations IT security posture build on a zero trust and stopping advanced cyber attacks.

As the cyber threat protection process evolves, managed IT services providers (MSP) will need to adapt and scale their processes accordingly.

Here are four immediate steps an organization can take to protect themselves from stopping advanced cyber attacks.

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Changing the triage from alerts to incidents

Regardless of how your organization handles initial cyber security triage, you should ensure it is able to present meaningful correlated incidents on top of alerts. There are a number of parameters that should be used to prioritize the incident queue, including the potential risk posed by the cyberattack, cyberattack technique, cyberattack progress, and assets affected by the cyber attack.

The way to investigate a single cyber security alert depends on its stage and the cyberattack technique being used.  It is critical to provide guidance on how to investigate each one to your managed IT services provider. As part of assessing the incident, it is essential to find and identify all cyber attacker activities and affected assets from the cyber threat.  This will form your basis for the incident remediation plan.

Implement automatic processes

It is possible for your managed IT services provider to automate coordinated processes by mapping your custom cyber security playbook to the incident in a structured and durable manner. The managed IT services provider can handle some incident categories automatically and resolve them on their own without any human intervention assistance. While other aspects of the process will be automated others requiring expertise will remain manual like investigation. Using the incident graph, automation should be able to determine where and how to assist the managed IT services provider therefore saving time and enabling the managed IT services provider (MSP) to focus on the more complex and critical cyber security incidents.

Adaptive Cyber Security Is Critical to Stopping Advanced Cyber Attacks 2

Bring the Team Along

It is important to understand the benefits of working with cyber security incidents and how this approach changes the game for the organization. In situations where a new cyber security alert detects exfiltration, the alert is mapped to a tactic or technique that is appropriate to resolve the issue.

Don’t buy until you try it

Make sure you choose a cyber security product and cyber security service that will allow your organization to shift to a proactive incident-based approach and support the evolution of cyberattacks. Organizations should have the option to automatically correlate cyber security alerts into incidents, prioritization of incidents, categorize, and the ability to map your cyber security playbook at the time of the incident.

All organizations must remember that all organizations have different preferences and specific processes that must be taken into consideration prior to developing a proper cyber security solution.  The cyber security solution should integrate recommendations for action based on cyber security incidents that have occurred within the organization and across the industry.

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