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6 Proactive Steps to Protect from Cyberattacks

6 Proactive Steps to Protect from Cyberattacks

With all the current trouble in the world, there a has been an increased concerned about retaliatory cyberattacks and here are 6 proactive steps to protect from cyberattacks.

To protect from cyberattacks, you will have to look at many possible attack vectors such as DDoS, phishing, disinformation, misinformation, and influence campaigns. Several of the attacks are expected to be carried out by hackers and cyber criminals.

Cyber security experts say organizations need to take these six proactive cyber security measures immediately to prepare for these possible cyberattacks and protect from cyberattacks.

Why Ransomware Attacks Avoid the Cloud 1

  1. Know your cyber security exposure, everyone is not the same

Various levels of exposure to cyberattacks exist.  You need to ensure your cyber security controls are up to date. You should be particularly cautious of user and admin credentials.

There is a recommendation from the CYBERSECURITY & INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY AGENCY that all organizations proactively monitor, inspect, and isolate traffic, as well as review access controls.

As a leading managed IT services Toronto, we can help any organization or IT department meet these cyber security demands to protect from cyberattacks.

Cyber criminals and hackers look to becoming threat actors looking for ways to harm organizations.

Why Ransomware Attacks Avoid the Cloud

  1. Minimize your cyberattack surface

A next generation anti-virus with active EDR will provide you with detailed information about your IT environment as well as endpoint detection and response (EDR).  There is an advisory on strong passwords released by the National Security Agency. Since the number of network infrastructure compromises have grown at an alarming rate over the past few years, the NSA states it is important to authenticate network devices to protect from cyberattacks.

If you work with a managed IT service Toronto, you will be able to see everything regarding your network as well as create a plan to protect it proactively.

Why Ransomware Attacks Avoid the Cloud 3

  1. Understand the basics of Cybersecurity

Cyber criminals and hackers follow similar tactics in cyberattacks involving disk wiping malware including HermeticWiper. These attacks are significant because the hackers have access to systems.

Preparing for such threats always involves basic cyber security measures. This would include proactively patching, multi-factor authentication, and much more.  As a result of recent wiper attacks, especially those carried out by ransomware gangs, they may wipe your data if you do not pay them hence why backups are important.

Microsoft 365, Google Workplace, and other similar environments should all have Multi Factor Authentication enabled including legacy authentication disabled. Routers should be updated, password protected, and not exposed to the public. In addition, be sure to keep your intruder detection and incident response plans up to date.

With your managed IT services provider or IT department, you can create a crisis response team to deal with cybersecurity incidents.


  1. Use Properly Configured VPN Connections

Organizations are at risk from the cyberattacks likely to happen in B2B VPN connections using unfiltered by security controls. Organizations need to make sure B2B VPN connections don’t become an entry point for attackers.

If an organization does not allow protocol blocking, you should block high-risk protocols or limit their destinations. B2B VPN egress points should also be monitored for netflow, and if anything goes wrong, they should be shut down fast.

  1. Keep in touch with Cyber Security

Organizations can only do so much by implementing security controls they do not have in place to prepare for potential cyberattacks. A managed IT services in Toronto or your IT department can help reduce exposure to cyberattacks like advanced phishing, misinformation campaigns, and cyberattacks. Employees need to know the cyber threats and report any suspicious emails or files as soon as possible.

  1. Limit changes to Cyber Security

Proactive IT management should always minimize changes and investigate all new software, executables, and high-privilege accounts in any environment.  Cyber security professional also recommends enhancing change control and change monitoring for all privileged accounts.

Many organizations do not believe they have a cyber security risk from cyberattacks. While they are not specific targets, they are just as likely as any other to become victims of opportunistic cyberattacks by hackers or cyber criminals such as threat actors.

With these 6 proactive steps to protect from cyberattacks, organizations will be following cyber security experts by following policies and strengthening their IT security policies and procedures.

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