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365 iT SOLUTIONS Awarded CyberSecure Canada Certification

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365 iT SOLUTIONS is proud to announce that we are the 7th organization in Canada to achieve CyberSecure Canada Certification.

CyberSecure Canada is the country’s new cybersecurity certification program for small and medium-sized organizations.  The certification gives 365 iT SOLUTIONS a competitive advantage by letting organizations know we are a federally certified cyber security company and trusted business partner.

CyberSecure Canada Certification was developed by the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security with the consulting help of Canadian Cyber Security industry leaders.  The mandate of the CyberSecure Canada certification program is to help Canadian SMB (small and medium-sized business or small and midsized business) defend against the most common online cyber security threats as well as grow in today’s competitive digital economy.  When an organization becomes certified, it is announcing to its customers, clients, suppliers and investors that their sensitive data is safe within their network.

The Canadian federal government set two goals to help certify Canadian organizations:

  1. Help Canadian organizations boost their cybersecurity maturity by implementing baseline security requirements.
  2. Use the certification as a competitive advantage to assure customers that the firm is cyber security safe.

How can CyberSecure Canada Certification help your business?

The Canadian federal government is trying to make its CyberSecure Canada certification program easy by encouraging more small-and- medium-sized businesses to apply to be accredited.

  • It helps organizations against the most common cyber security threats based on the 80/20 rule.
  • An organization can achieve 80 percent of the benefit from 20 percent of the effort based on data on organizations below 500 employees.
  • It helps organizations defend against the most widespread cyber threats using easy-to-implement cyber security technical measures that are not expensive.
  • You could avert a business-crippling cyber-attack. The fallout from ransomware attacks and the theft of sensitive personal information such as banking details can be both in terms of impact to finances and reputation.
  • It helps organizations attract new business and investors as they can display the CyberSecure Canada certification mark.

What must my business do to become CyberSecure Canada Certified?

The most cost-effective approach is to find a CyberSecure Canada Certified managed IT services provider to help prepare and organize the certification process.  Once complete, the organization will need to find a certified CyberSecure Canada accredited certified body to audit your organization.  These ‘certified bodies’ are private organizations accredited by the Standards Council of Canada.

CyberSecure Canada Certification Step 1

You will need to contact a certified managed IT services provider if you need assistance or you can contact Cyber Security Canada stating interest in certification.

CyberSecure Canada Certification Step 2

You will need to implement the Baseline Cybersecurity controls with the assistance of a certified managed IT services provider or credited certification body.

CyberSecure Canada Certification Step 3

Submit documentation to Cyber Security Canada and undergo a certification audit from an accredited body.

CyberSecure Canada Certification Step 4

Once the required measures are in place and the necessary controls are verified and documented, your organization will be awarded certification with a 2-year expiration.   Prior to the expiry of the certification, your organization will need to repeat the certification process.   The renewal of certification will be much easier as you will already have the cyber security controls in place.

Cyber-Secure-Certification_2023- 356 it solutions

The CyberSecure Canada Certification Step Baseline Security controls

To achieve CyberSecure Canada certification, organizations will need to implement 13 controls set out by the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security.

The 13 CyberSecure Canada Certification controls are:

  1. Develop and implement a corporate response plan.
  2. Develop and implement a proactive patch management strategy.
  3. Develop and implement a proactive malware protection strategy.
  4. Develop and implement a secure strategy at protecting devices.
  5. Develop and implement a strong authentication protocol.
  6. Develop and implement a proactive cyber security employee training program.
  7. Develop and implement and effective backup strategy.
  8. Develop and implement a secure mobile devices strategy.
  9. Develop and implement strong perimeter defences.
  10. Develop and implement secure cloud services.
  11. Develop and implement website security.
  12. Develop and implement strong access controls.
  13. Develop and implement portable storage devices security.

How much will the CyberSecure Canada Certification cost?

The cost of certification will vary for organizations.  It will depend on several factors such as the Certified Body you choose, the size of your organization, and the complexity of your IT network.  The most cost-effective avenue would be to hire a certified CyberSecure Canada managed IT services provider as they can implement many of the 13 controls using their knowledge and tools.

The average time to achieve CyberSecure Canada Certification is approximately 12 months based on the state of your current IT infrastructure, IT policies, and IT procedures.  Due to existing cyber security policies and procedures in place, 365 IT SOLUTIONS was able to achieve full certification in 2 months.

365 iT SOLUTIONS  is a leading Cloud Services Providers Toronto and Managed Security Services in Toronto.

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365 iT SOLUTIONS Awarded CyberSecure Canada Certification

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