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10 Useful Microsoft 365 Productivity Features

10 Useful Microsoft 365 Productivity Features

Does your business use Microsoft 365 or are you interested in migrating to it? Here are 10 useful Microsoft 365 productivity feature that can help you be more productive with Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Microsoft 365 has been continuously improving and releasing new features that can help you increase your productivity.

Here are 10 useful Microsoft 365 productivity features that allow you to increase productivity.

Team Collaboration

Microsoft 365 is great at allowing teams to collaborate with one another using Word, PowerPoint and/or Excel in real time. Now you can have multiple people edit a document without trying to figure out what changes have been made and who made them. You team will no longer have to create documents alone, they can now consult with fellow coworkers.

Skype for Business with Your Team

Skype for Business is great for internal communication however did you know you can also verbally discuss the document edits over Skype. Your team can collaborate and talk to everyone who is working on the project. Even if someone leaves the conversation, you can still keep talking to coworkers.

Attachments sucks, use Links

Spam, malware and viruses are some problems with email but there are also the issues with attachments being too big.  Microsoft 365 give you the edge as you do not have to worry about the size of files or trying to compress them before sending them over email as you can now attach a link to the document and allow people to access to the link immediately.

Need a picture?

Office Sway allows you to get a second opinion when picking images for your presentation. It uses Bing image search to locate possible images that you can use for your presentation based on the words you are using in the search.

Bring out the lasers

If you do presentations, this is very important.  Everyone at one point has forgotten or could not find a laser pointer. Microsoft 365 has you covered!  Go into presentation mode, hold “Ctrl” and Left-Click mouse button. This will replace your mouse cursor with a laser pointer. Pretty cool!

Scribbles into text

Do you use OneNote? This cool feature allows you to convert electronic scribbles into text by selecting the “Lasso Select” tool and the area you want to edit. Simply choose the “Ink to Text” option.

Sign it, electronically

The old way always came down to putting the pen to the paper. You would print out a document, sign it, scan it and them email it back. A lot of steps here that are very outdated. With Microsoft 365, you can use Docusign app which allow you to setup electronic signatures and sign documents easily from any device.

Create easily in Excel

Like it or not, everyone uses Excel and Microsoft 365 has some new features that will allow Excel to better present and format your data. Try this out. Select the cells that you would want in a graph or table, open “Quick Analysis” tool and select how you want to visually represent your information in a chart.

Map it in Excel

Everyone likes a pretty picture and Excel can offer some impressive visual representations. You can convert data into images with Excel. Your data will take note of geographic locations using the Power Map feature and immediately distribute your recorded facts and figures to a 3D map.

Create and Convert PDF Files

Microsoft 365 give you many choices on PDF management. You can create a PDF files from word documents and export using word documents into PDF files. This can be done by going to File>Export>Create PDF/XPS. You can also have the option of saving a file by indicating the pages you want to only be converted into PDF.

These are just some amazing Microsoft 365 Productivity features. Find out how to tap into more Microsoft 365 features.

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